Freephone: 0800 CENTAL (236 825)

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Centaland Holdings Ltd are the contacts for the purchase, supply and/or cartage of:

  • Grain
  • Palm Kernel Expeller
  • Soya Bean Meal
  • Canola Expeller
  • Oil Seed
  • Peastraw
  • Dairy Pellets
  • Baleage
  • Calf Bedding
  • Maize
  • Hay/Straw
  • Liquid Feed
  • Molasses
  • Grape Marc
  • Other vegetable waste streams
  • Silage
  • And other related products

Photos show our units carting stock feed from bulk grain to hay and maize.

Download our brochure here.

Please contact us with any product enquiry.

PH: 0800 236 825

Stockfeed supply and cartage south island palm kernel hay baleagetruck pics 002Trucks unloading stockfeed