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The first stop for GARDEN LANDSCAPE PRODUCTS in Marlborough.

Beginning with screened bark in 1990, we have always prided ourselves in providing the best quality product to our customers. All our products have either been screened on site or specifically picked to ensure the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing medium for your garden! We’re also here for you when the wintry weather arrives and you need to stock up that fire, with a range of firewood and coal available all year round.

We care a lot about Marlborough, being the home of our staff and their families, and so supporting the local vineyard scene is very important to us. We offer a range of services for vineyard care, such as mulch and fertiliser spreading as well as removal of grapes and grapemarc during the vintage to the wineries with our transport fleet. See more about our spreading services here.

But that’s not all, we’re trusted and experienced bulk transporters of products, machinery and more throughout the South Island daily. Take a look here.

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Garden Landscaping

From decorative bark to driveway limestone chip to compost for your vegetable garden, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need within our range of garden landscape products. All our products have been screened on-site or specifically sourced to ensure the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing product for you!

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For when that wintry weather gets the better of you, we have a full range of dry, ready-to-burn firewood and coal available to keep the cold away. From bulk firewood to bagged kindling, we cater to the domestic customer as well as supplying the industrial sector with coal, sawdust and woodchip for commercial boilers.

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Transporting weekly to and from Christchurch, Nelson, Ashburton, West Coast and Kaikoura regions, our specialized and well-maintained units carry out a wide range of demanding tasks for you and your business with the highest level of performance and professionalism. From high-sides to low-beds, we’ll have an answer for your transport query.

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Spot one of our spreading fleet out in the vines where we specialize in applying mulch and fertiliser to care for and protect your vineyard, investment and harvest. Centaland has well proven soil-enhancing mulch and fertiliser product options including fully customized product and service options to suit your needs.


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