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INDOOR PLANTS continue to take over our homes, and we glad to hear it. Indoor plants give so much life and fresh energy to a home... there really isn't anything bad to say about them. Just make sure you get some real ones in among all the fake ones and keep em healthy. We rounded up some of the most popular indoor plants above, but there are plenty of plants that thrive in an indoor environment, as long as you know how to care for them! Don’t be afraid to try out different plant species… variety in plants look great on shelves, windowsills and in bathrooms giving off a fresh, clean vibe to your home as well as emitting a sense of peace and order to your home environment.

1. Jade Plant 2. Snake Plant 3. Pothos Plant 4. English Ivy 5. Aloe Vera Plant 6. Spider Plant 7. Fiddle Fig Plant


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2019 COLOUR OF THE YEAR : LIVING CORAL. Pantone describes Living Coral as vibrant, yet mellow, embracing us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. Sounds like what we all need. Why not incorporate some coral hues into your garden this year with flowers like the above? Coral colours aren’t very common, so create points of interest in garden corners, pot plants and indoors of course!


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GARDEN SANCTUARIES : Create a retreat within your garden this year, a little corner to hide away from the everyday chaos. Hidden garden retreats are becoming more common in our gardens as we look to find a place where we can find a sense of calm... and where better than among the greenery in your sanctuary of your own garden home? A garden retreat doesn’t need to be a big expense… even a small table and chair in the corner of the garden or outdoor beanbags under a tree make the perfect place to relax. Make sure to make it look and feel truly comfortable… plenty of cushions and rugs will always help!


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GROW YOUR OWN : For many people, this isn't something new; growing your own veges & more is a passion shared by many, and there's something so rewarding about picking or pulling up something from your own backyard garden! But if you've never tried growing your own, why don't you get those raised garden beds cultivated and start sowing some vegetables and herbs to incorporate into your meals? And if you have the space, why not devote an area of your garden as a ‘food landscape’, an aesthetically pleasing space where you create a little haven of growing things. There’s nothing better than eating spray-free, home grown fruits and vegetables for the health conscious!


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MEADOW GARDENS is the answer to those who find gardening enjoyable, but not all the time. When you want to have a garden that grows freely and still looks great, the meadow garden is the perfect garden type for you! But it’s got to be done right from the start, for just long grass will never make a beautifully curated meadow garden. What comes to mind when the word meadow is spoken? Flowers, grass, flowers and more flowers… daisies, poppies and wildflowers reign in a meadow garden, so make sure to incorporate them into the space. You’ll feel like you’re walking through your very own Secret Garden!

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