BlenBio Compost


A fine compost product of nutritional value to retain ideal growing conditions for your vegetables, flower gardens, vineyard and other plantings. Apply this top quality product and experience positive plant growth like nothing else!


  • Improves soil structure and condition

  • Allows plenty of air and water to move freely to your plantings

  • Helps to neutralize PH levels and helps soil increase ability to hold nutrients for plants

  • Increases nutrient content, full of great organisms essential to healthy soil!

  • Amazing moisture retention, meaning less watering time

  • Helps to ward of plant disease and pest problems

  • Everything you need for growing luscious veges and more!

  • This product is formulated on-site at Centaland depot, ensuring a top-quality product made from local, natural ingredients

  • Dark brown/black in colour and odourless

  • Also available as part of our SuperSoil mix (with screened topsoil)

  • Mushroom Compost based

Price on request.

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